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The Perfect Quilt Coat to Sew

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Quilted Coats and Jackets have become so popular recently, with shops such as Anthropologie and Freepeople leading the way with some stunning designs. But my own Quilt Coat/Jacket journey started during the first Covid-19 UK lockdown in March 2020, when I suddenly found myself at home and without much work as our newly refurbished yoga studio had to close down. My initial inspiration came from a recent holiday to Japan where I fell in love with the simple but beautiful clothes. 

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Quilted coats sold by Freepeople and Anthropologie
Wearing a Yakuta at the Ryokan in Kyoto - can you spot another one of my pattern inspired by this trip? (Hint: The Camassia Nightrobe)

My first version of the Chiono Jacket (previously named the Chandra Jacket when I was still branded as “Yogahound”) was sewn from a dark grey Linen remnant I picked up , with some leftover quilt wadding and lined with a jersey fabric featuring a little fox repeat print from the Stamford Fabric Company. I still wear this version often, it’s really cosy and I love the linen. 

My original Linen version of the Chiono Jacket
Here you can see the Fox Print Lining Fabric

At the same time as making the longer Quilted Jacket, I also made a cropped version with ties. I wanted this version for warmer weather, so Ilined it with a bright fuchsia pink floral cotton fabric, didn’t use any wadding, and I also changed the sleeves to 3/4 length.  

Later in 2021, Casey , the wonderful Quilt Pattern designer from Wellspings Designs contacted me. She said she had made the Chiono Quilted Jacket using her already made up quilt design called “Radiowaves”. I could not believe how well it turned out! It hadn’t occurred to me to use a quilt design to make a quilt top first and then cut the pattern. Casey and I soon theerafter collaborated on a joint promo of the jacket, and since then, we have seen numerous makers take on this project adding their own flair!

The Radiowaves Quilt Design by Wellspring Designs
Casey's Chiono Jacket using the Radiowaves Quilt
The Radiowaves Quilt made into the Chiono Jacket

I have loved seeing so many different variations of the Chiono Quilted Jacket. Some of you have used vintage quilts, some of you have used pre-quilted fabrics and others have made the coat as per the original design where you later layer the fabrics to quilt yourself. I myself have since made myself a cropped version from this velvet, but a cotton patchwork quilt turned into a quilt coat is definitely on the cards for next winter!

Velvet Cropped Chiono Quilted Jacket

Here are some of my favourite Quilt Coats shared by some very talented makers who have made their own version from the Chiono Quilted Jacket Sewing Pattern. This is exactly why I love sewing clothes! You  can take one pattern and customise it for a completely unique design.

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Tips and Suggestions

BINDING INSTEAD OF HEMMING: If you are a quilter using an existing quilt top to make your jacket/coat from, you may wish to hem the lower edge as well as the sleeve ends with bias binding using the same methods you would use to bind quilt edges. 


CUFF PIECES: I created this video to show 2 methods for sewing the cuff pieces on the Chiono Jacket. The 2nd method makes for a nice finish when turning up the sleeves (which is what I like to do). If you don’t like turning up your sleeves, simply trim your sleeves to the right length before sewing the cuffs.