How Does pattern testing work?

Pattern testing is a collaborative effort between designers and a group of individuals known as pattern testers. When a designer creates a new pattern for a garment or accessory, they enlist the help of pattern testers to ensure the accuracy, fit, and functionality of the design. Pattern testers receive the pattern and detailed instructions, and they follow them to create a prototype of the item. Throughout the testing phase, pattern testers provide valuable feedback to the designer, highlighting any issues, suggesting improvements, and assessing the overall user experience. This feedback helps the designer refine and perfect the pattern before its official release, ensuring that the final product meets the highest quality standards. Pattern testing not only ensures the success of the designer’s creation but also fosters a sense of community and collaboration within the creative industry.


Pattern testing is voluntary, although kindly note that printing, fabrics and notions are at the expense of the tester, but testing with inexpensive fabrics for a toile is very welcome too. In return for the feedback provided, you will receive both the finalised pattern and another pattern of choice (in a single format of choice) from the Sewillow collection free of charge.Β 

CURRENTLY BEING TESTED & coming soon to the shop


The Persica Skirt and Culottes Sewing Pattern

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Thank you for helping us create better patterns for the sewing community.