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All orders from both our website and from the Etsy store are automatically emailed to the email address you used to check-out during the purchase.

If you think you may have accidentally ordered with an old email address or made a typo, then send us an email with your full name and we will try to find your order, but please first check your spam folder/junk box in case your order email is stuck there.

If you purchased your pattern on Etsy: 

Please note you cannot access the digital files from the Etsy App. Instead, if you log in via a web browser you can access your files following these steps:
1) Sign in to and go to Your account.
2) Go to Purchases and reviews.
3) Next to the order, select Download Files. This goes to the Downloads page for all the files attached to your order.

More info from Etsy help here:…

The above is also useful to know in case you ever need to re-download your files in future.

The pattern files included in your purchase has number of printing options.

We recommend you first download and read the PDF document named with “Instructions” which includes printing information specific to your pattern. No need to print this document unless you would like it in paper format.

Supplied with your download files are will be three pattern documents in the following formats – all of these formats have the option to print in your size only.

  1. PDF with “A4” in the title.  This format fits both A4 printers and also US letter  for at-home printing. This option means you are printing your file to multiple pages which are then glued/taped together. You can see this particular method in the sewalong video HERE for the Scilla Jumpsuit (it’s the same method for all the garments).

  2. PDF with “A0” or “copy shop” in the title – this is a large format document which you could send off to one of the online printers that would post it out to you, or you could print it full size at a local Copyshop which offers that service.

  3. PDF with “papersaver” in the title – this format is the same as the A4 format which your print-at-home and stick together. However this option uses less paper because the patterns overlap one another which means you will have to trace each pattern piece onto paper – you may recognise this method from magazine sewing patterns. 

All of our sewing patterns are supplied as layered PDFs – this means that whether you are printing at home or with a Copyshop, you can choose torrent your particular size only. We have created a step-by-step guide on our blog to help you print your size only :


As a growing business, we have yet to find an affordable method of printing and shipping that suits our range of international customers.

However, all sewing pattern purchases includes an A0 format option which you can upload to one of the online printers that would post it out to you or take to a local copyshop.  There are many online printing companies around the World that now offer this service.

We hope to be able to provide this service in future. Watch this space. 

The A4 format patterns have been designed to also fit US-letter paper printers. However, occasionally some US letter printers do chop off the edges of the borders when printing from the file at 100% /actual size settings.

We have tried to design the pattern pages with a wide enough margin to suit most printers, but some printers unfortunately do have wider un-printable borders. In this instance the fix is :

Print at 97% or even 95% instead of 100% to fit the printer margin. This overall size decrease doesn’t affect the garment size significantly enough – most of our patterns are designed to be roomy and you can always add a few mm extra seam allowance of this concerns you. 

Not including seam and/or allowances means sewers can always see where the seam line is, and how big pieces should be when sewn together. It also allows people to add their preferred seam allowance. Some of our US customers like to add 1/2″, while some European customers like to add 10mm. The lack of hem allowances means that sewers can choose other hemming methods, some may choose to sew with no hem using a non-fraying fabric, or simply overlocking the edges.

How do I add seam allowances?
You can use a ruler and mark dots at the desired seam allowance with a chalk pencil at intervals around the pattern edges or you can tape two chalk pencils together and draw around the seam edges. Remember not to add a a seam allowance to fold lines, and remember too that hem edges may vary from seam allowance.

Learning to quickly add seam allowances to patterns is an incredibly useful sewing skill that will allow you much better versatility in fabric choices and seam finishes. We highly recommend it.

For clothes pattern sizes, we have an International Women’s Clothes size conversion chart on our Pattern Sizing page – we have also added some handy calculators to help you easily convert measurements. 



No there’s not! Our digital downloads have no restricted time limits, thus ensuring that you can enjoy your purchased patterns at your own pace and convenience.

However, our online webshop only allows up to 5 downloads per purchase. This allows customers to conveniently access their purchased patterns on different devices, replace damaged or lost files, or overcome challenges with downloading due to internet connectivity. We prioritise flexibility and accessibility to ensure a seamless experience with our digital sewing patterns. 

If you have lost access to your purchase files and you can no longer find your download link – please contact us with your order number or proof of purchase so that we can endeavour to help you.

We’d love to hear from you!

As a small business, we do our best to proofread and check our patterns with a limited budget. However, we’re always looking to improve, and your feedback is invaluable in helping us spot any errors and make our patterns even better. So please, feel free to reach out and share suggestions you may have. We appreciate your support as we strive to provide quality sewing patterns for our wonderful customers!