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Free Easy Leg Warmer Knitting Pattern

Back in 2010, when I knitted these leg warmers, I called the “yoga leg warmers” because back then, this blog and website was called “The Yogahound” and was a yoga blog, and I wore tases during yoga classes in the winter.  At the time, I was training to become a yoga teacher and I felt that yoga and knitting went so well together!

Knitting can be quite meditative if you let it be, all you have to do is give it your full attention, try not to multi-task and enjoy the process rather than aim for the end result… and there you have yourself a mind calming activity to combat stress.

To top it all, these leg warmers are super easy and knit up quickly. The Patons Cotton Twist yarn I used originally, were the perfect bright ice cream colours. I’m not sure if this yarn is still available, but any Aran weight yarn should work well. 


  • 2 skeins Cotton Twist Aran (I used Coral/Mango mix 87)
  • 1 pair 5 mm needles


Stockinette:  18 stitches x 26 rows = 10 x 10 cm square


Cast on 46 stitches using the thumb method, for those who like their knitting to look super tidy, use a 2×2 rib cast on as shown here.

Row 1: (k2, p2) repeat, ending with a k2

Row 2: (p2, K2) repeat, ending with a p2

Continue these two rows until you have used up most of one skein of yarn, but leaving enough of a tail to cast off with. Cast off using the ‘Binding off in Pattern’ method. Leave a long tail and use the tail to sew the long side edges together using a matress stitch.

Repeat for the second leg warmer, making sure you knit the same amount of rows so that the two leg warmers are of equal length.

Tag us on Instagram or Facebook if you make a pair, maybe even use them as boot toppers! 




Happy Knitting!